Thursday, February 14, 2013

Invitation to Love

On today's celebration of Valentine's day, many are seeking ways to show love - through hearts and flowers, chocolate and wine.   "Love" is one of those words that gets used to express a myriad of emotions, preferences, and thoughts.  I can say that I "love" chocolate, but it does not compare to my love for my husband, family or friends.

What does God's love have to do with all of this?

Read I Corinthians 13 - a familar passage that is often used at weddings.  But this time, replace your name everywhere the word "love" is used or indicated.  What is your reaction?  How does our love "measure" up?

Read it again, this time replace the word "love" with God's name (use Jesus, Lord, Spirit or whatever name you are most comfortable with).

This is the love that Paul was referring to as he wrote this letter to the Corinthians.  This is the love that we are called to point to and to share with others - a neverfailing and everlasting love.

On this day, when we focus on the faith practice of INVITE - How is God inviting you to share his love today?


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