Monday, February 11, 2013

Marking our Lenten paths

! am writing this on the eve of Mardi Gras (a.k.a. Fat Tuesday or sometimes called Shrove Tuesday). More than excuse to party in New Orleans or to eat pancakes, this day arose as a way to “prepare” for the Lenten fast. It was a time to get rid of all the fats in the home before the time of giving them up as a Lenten practice.

Yet, Lent is about more than just giving up something (usually chocolate) for 40 days. It is the opportunity to grow in our relationship with God. It is a call to develop new ways of living that help us become the person that God has created us to be.

Yesterday (Feb. 10th), I asked the congregation to write down the commitment that they are making to Christ. After copying them, they were placed in the offering place as an offering to God. I have made the commitment to pray for each of you as you seek to live them out. (Note: if any would like any specific resources or ideas to help with their commitment, please let me know). If you have not already done so, prayerfully consider making your own Lenten commitment. If you would like me to pray for strength, guidance and help for you in fulfilling this commitment, just send me a note.

Another aspect of my Lenten commitment is to daily provide ideas, reflections and resources around the 7 Faith Practices (see schedule below; will begin on Ash Wed.). Each day of the week will highlight one of the practices. If you would like to receive any or all of these emails, please let me know and I will send them to you. I will be posting them on Trinity’s Facebook page as well.

Reminder: This Wednesday, Feb. 13th is Ash Wednesday. We will be having services with the imposition of ashes at noon and 7pm. I will also be at the Southeast Train Station on Wednesday morning for commuters who would like to receive ashes (I’ve not determined the time – those of you who commute, what time do you get to the station? Please let me know as soon as possible).

I pray that this time of Lenten discipline may be a time to grow in faith, understanding, and commitment to the One who gives us life and breath and meaning.
Peace in Christ,
Pastor Jen
Faith Practices daily postings
Monday: Study
Tuesday: Pray
Wednesday: Encourage
Thursday: Invite
Friday: Serve
Saturday: Give
Sunday: Worship
 (NOTE: my former blog was somehow deleted - which is unusual since I didn't use it much - so this is the "new" and hopefully, "improved" and even more hopefully, written more often)

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