Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hope amidst pain

This has been a week of tragedy and overwhelming events for many people in our nation and in our world.  From the horrific bombing in Boston on Monday, a large earthquake on the Iran/Pakistan border on Tuesday and then yesterday a massive explosion in Texas - each of these disasters not only causing deaths, but untold injuries in body, mind and spirit.  This does not even begin to take into account the accidents, shootings and other violence that people experience daily that doesn't "make the news".  There are days and weeks like these when we feel like there is no place to run or go to that might be safe.

After the bombing on Monday, a number of people were posting on Facebook a quote from Mr. (Fred) Rogers as he had relayed a story about when he saw these kind of tragic events when he was a young boy.  His mother would tell him to "look for the helpers" because whenever something bad would happen, there would be helpers running to help in any way that they could.

And we have been hearing these heroic stories of strangers helping strangers, of people across the nation and the world who want to help in any way that they can - donating their skills, their blood, their money and their time.  These stories reverberate long after the disasters and whatever "evil" has caused it to happen.

As Christians - especially post-Easter - we are reminded that Jesus walked into the fray of humanity where the hurt was the deepest and most painful.  He took all the pain of sin and death with him on the cross.  And it was transformed from the empty tomb.

While hurt and pain continue in the world today, we see the ways in which, by God's grace, that it is transformed and healed through the compassion, outreach and loving care that is offered.  This is the gift of the resurrection - when hope is lifted up amidst the devastation.

And so, we look for the helpers and in them we see the face of Christ.

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