Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring is springing!

Each season elicits its own feeling and quality.  They begin with such promise and wonder as the days are marked one after another.  Soon, however, our sights begin to wander off towards the promises of the next season. Winter wears off its welcome as it moves from those crisp and clear days to the dull and gray.  Summer swelters with the heat rising above our comfort levels and autumn's leaves no longer adorn the tree branches, but cover our lawns with brown.

On this bright and sunny day, I find myself drawn anew to the wonder of spring.  We are teased as the temperatures waver from day to day, yet there are those hints of warmth that start to bring forth new life.  Each day brings a new sight to see, as the crocuses and the daffodils bloom, the trees begin to bud, and the grass grows greener each day.  As I drive through neighborhoods, I am surprised by the changes that each day brings and the wonder it still can elicit from me.  Like a newborn for whom all things are filled with wonder, my senses are filled with the sights, aromas, and sounds.  I stop to listen for the birds as they make their nests and converse amongst the branches.  I am in awe of God's creativity as each new flower blossoms in all its intricate and uniquebeauty.  I marvel as growth begins in places that look dead, but instead offer new life.

I am sure that - like the other seasons - the wonder will dim as spring makes way for summer and its wonders.  And even with all the newness each day, for some this means experiencing spring with itchy eyes and stuffed noses as allergies set in.  I am reminded of the violence, sorrow and pain that we all exeprience in the midst of these days. 

I am not ignoring or denying these harsh realities, but for just a few moments, I feel a sense of wonder, awe and joy that fills me with hope and promise.  It is these moments that offer a purpose for life.  They reveal more than just the beauty of God's creating spirit, but the sign of God's promises of a renewed and restored world.  They point to what can be and what we are called to see and experience not just through creation, but in all of our relationships in this world.  They call us to hope and to be assured that God continues to create and re-create us each day. 

How have you seen or experienced God's re-creating power in your life? 
How have you seen it at work in others? 

Share your reflections, thoughts and questions here with others.

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