Thursday, June 14, 2018

Mourning to Morning

When I arrived at Trinity Lutheran Church, there were numerous groups already meeting as a part of the ministry here as well as outside groups that use our building regularly.  One of those groups was a "Bereavement" Group that had been meeting for years.  It was a small group of widows that after awhile dwindled to just one person.

I had thought periodically about starting a new one and have thought more deliberately about it in this past year following my  own husband's death.

Yet, the word "bereavement" or "grief" seemed like such sorrow filled words that I didn't even want to approach them.  I got hung up on them even as much as I knew (and know) the benefits of such a group both for me personally as well as people in the congregation and community.

Its not that I - as well as others - aren't sorrow-filled over the death of our loved ones.  But it seemed that this time is about so much more than just tears and grief.

It is about letting the tears flow when they need to along with waking up to each new day.  It is not forgetting the past or our loved ones, but taking them with us in a new way as we embark on what life now holds in store.  It is living in just this moment - because sometimes that is all that we can do.

It is about living from "mourning" to "morning".

I also thought about the different kinds of grief and mourning - not just the bereavement from the death of a loved one.  People experience all kinds of losses in their lives - loss of job, health, divorce, other life circumstances, purpose, homes and the like.

So the question arose about how might a "grief group" help all of us in whatever kind of mourning we experience?  Yes, there are different kinds of challenges with each kind of loss.  However, that is true as well in the death of our loved ones - each relationship is different and filled with its own changes.

How do we - as a people of faith - live "mourning to morning"?  How might we as fellow children of God walk with each other through not just our grief but the changes and challenges that we face daily?

We begin by gathering and sharing where we are in our journeys, our time of mourning.  We pray with and for one another.  We cry together and we laugh together.  We share the comforting grace of Christ.

No program, no agenda to force us through our mourning; just the love and grace of God that washes over us and can bring us peace.

If you are interested in being a part of such a group - contact me ( as the first date and time are determined.

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