Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Thousand Marbles

Each week, I try to read a few other blogs - most of the time, they are ones that I "accidently" discover through someone else's post.  I just finished reading, A Thousand Marbles by Jeffrey Davis (through the Patheos site) which offers a simple story with a profound message and reminder.  Go ahead and read it now - then come back here.  I'll wait.....

In this life and world when one day seems to blend into another, seasons pass in a blur and we can't even remember what we had for lunch yesterday, this blog reminds us to take the time each week to honor our relationships with one another.  It is more than just counting our blessings.  It is honoring the blessing of the relationships in our lives.

Earlier this week, our newly (re)formed Stewardship committee met and we got talking about the stewardship and care of our relationships.  We often take each other for granted or we  promise ourselves we will spend more time with that friend, grandparent, spouse, child - when we get the chance.  We talked about the gift of our church community and the relationships that have blessed our lives here.

God has entrusted us to each other; we were created to live in community and in relationship with one another.  These relationships are God's greatest gift to us.  How are you being a good steward of the people God has placed in your life?  How are you being called to care and love for these gifts?

We might have more or less marbles than the described thousand available to us - no one really knows the exact amount - but what matters is how we "spend" and use those marbles in our lives.  In the gift of this moment, how will you choose to honor the people in your life?  How will you live those 1000 (or more) marbles?

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